Fiddle Guitar Vocal duo the Summer Januaries– Sean Michael Robinson and Rachel Erin Robinson

San Diego settles

It’s been more than two months now since we left Seattle and moved down the coast to San Diego.
It’s meant more than a climate change for us. We’ve gone from an overloaded performance schedule, playing almost every day of every week, to the relatively more relaxed lives of two freelancers. It’s meant though that almost all of our playing time has been dedicated to our new songs, and our new album.
We’ve been aided in this by our new band mates. Our good friend Mara Sedlins has been playing viola with us since we’ve arrived in San Diego. We’ve both known Mara for years, and played with her in Pillow Army back in Seattle. Shortly after we arrived, Mara introduced us to our new drummer, Matt Marlin, a super sensitive and flexible musician and all around great guy. And just last week we found the last piece of the puzzle–  the awesome Kevin Walsh on upright bass.
Blog Mara and Bella
Matt and Mara, plus cats.
In addition to putting together the right people, we’ve also been putting together the right space. Last week we were thrilled when at long last, Rachel was reunited with her piano. Her Steinway was given to her great grandparents as a wedding gift, and has been in her family ever since. For our wedding present, her grandfather Dick Larson had it shipped to us, all the way from Anoka, Minnesota. We’re pleased to report it’s survived the journey and we’ve been giving it plenty of use.
So it’s been. Organizing, planning, getting everything in place for the next stage of our new album, and the next stage of our lives. Although we’re still playing a few times a month, it really does feel as though we’ve jumped off of the treadmill for a while. But on the horizon there’s more in store. New places to play, new performances with this very new and very fun band. Here’s to the future and an exciting new year!

Bring the Music In: Days 1-3 of Recording for the Summer Januaries 1st Full Length Original Album

After a year of travelling all over the world, writing songs, and playing music, we are so happy to be recording our first full length original album! We feel very fortunate to be joined by some of our favorite Seattle musicians and to have the help and support of friends and family in so many different ways.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter to help support the project.

We spent the first three days recording basic tracks with Dave Bush (drums) and Ben Fox (bass).  I’ve gotten to know Dave as we’ve played together in Golden Tree Story for the past couple of years.  The three of us started playing together when Sean and I returned to Seattle this spring,  and have enjoyed playing a  few gigs as a trio this summer.  We met Ben a few weeks ago at a show we played at Conor Byrne with the Resonant Rogues.  We were both blown away by his playing, and agreed to ask him to be a part of the project as well.

kick blog 1c

 Making notes during rehearsal for recording “Stephanie’s Daughter”

Tim Franklin, who is producing/engineering these sessions, flew in last week from Pennsylvania to work with us in rehearsal and do pre-production for the recording.  This week he has been doing everything from setting up mics, to trouble-shooting sounds, to suggesting lyrical changes.  He also brought and is sharing his new AeroPress coffee maker, which makes amazingly strong and delicious coffee. We couldn’t imagine embarking on this recording project without him.

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Seattle in the Summer

The Summer Januaries at Westlake

Throughout the past year, whether we were in Italy or France or Florida or even Montana, Seattle in the summer was on our minds. Neither of us grew up here, but both of us moved here because of it–clear skies and lovely breeze, the perfect temperature, surrounded by the lush greenery created by the other nine months of rainy misery. It’s the season where we both fell in love with the city, the season where we first started playing together–the season where we fell in love.

After an absence of nine months, we returned to Seattle in May, and it seemed as though we’d beaten the summer weather here. We didn’t have much time to lament the overcast cold days though. There wasn’t much time for anything but playing. But after few weeks of drizzly busking and rained-out events the summer finally arrived.


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Friends and Family Homecoming Tour Photo Gallery

Now that we are safely settled in Seattle for the summer, we’d like to share some of our favorite photos from our homecoming tour.  Sean and I had such a great time visiting friends and family and playing music for new friends and old, that we are thinking of doing another tour of a similar nature in the fall, with even more stops along the way!  What better way to tour than to combine spending time with the people we love and playing music?

photo blog 9

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Hello Seattle Sunshine/Optimistic


the Summer Januaries return to Seattle

We hadn’t seen our adopted home of Seattle in nine months. Seattle, the place where we met, where both of us have spent the majority of our adult lives. What would it be like to see it again? What would it be like to see people we know, to play at the Pike Place Market, to stop in at all of our favorite haunts, all the familiar places, dodge the all-too-familiar drizzle? Would it be summer? Would it still be soaking spring?

But first we had to get there.

the Summer Januaries in Montevideo, MN

We flew from Paris to Minneapolis, MN with only a brief stop in the Iceland airport. Our schedule started almost immediately when we arrived– Rachel had set up a five-date tour back to Seattle, and our three days of space between flying and tour would be occupied almost entirely by visiting friends, recovering from jet-lag, and finding a car for our drive back to Seattle.

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