Fiddle Guitar Vocal duo the Summer Januaries– Sean Michael Robinson and Rachel Erin Robinson

Disappear With the Season

Goodbye, Florida.

On the morning of March 10th we woke before dawn, packed up our instruments, wardrobe changes, and all of the necessary props, gear and snacks, met up with our film cast and crew, and rushed to the nearest abandoned field, just in time to catch the sun rising behind us for the first shot of our new music video. Just a few days before we had met with director Cody David Price to discuss our ideas for the shoot and to make a preliminary schedule. At just twenty years old Cody is at the beginning of his film career, but is already a veteran theater director and technician, having directed Anne Frank Superstar at the Orlando Fringe Festival two years before, to much acclaim. Cody brought with him his colleagues Grant Spruce and Chris Marchi, who would both be filming.

Also joining us at that early hour was Kiersten Valence, a phenomenal belly dancer who we had met a few months before, when we worked on a production of Anthony and Cleopatra together, and my father, Steve Olof Larson, who had decided to extend his visit to Orlando so he could hang out and cart us around on the day of the shoot.


Location # 1

Abandoned Field at Sunrise

The Summer Januaries filming a music video for their song "Two Little Clementines". With Cody David Price, Grant Spruce, Chris Marchi, and Kiersten Valence

The sun had yet to rise when we arrived at our first location, a large empty field conveniently located directly behind the housing development where we’d been staying. A magical morning fog covered the ground. And it was freezing! (check out our breath, visible in the sunrise closeups). We set up the case, hid the portable boombox we had cued up to the track to play along with, and started filming just as the sun began to rise. We had a little bit of trouble with the boombox – the track was skipping, possibly due to the moisture on the ground, and possibly due to the fact that it was a twenty dollar battery operated piece of junk– so we’d have to skip ahead with the playback every now and then to stay in sync. Technical issues aside, we were off to a good start. Everyone was happy with the way the first few shots turned out, and Sean had the last minute idea to get some footage of Kiersten, who had just learned how to hula hoop minutes before, hooping as the sun rose behind her.

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