Fiddle Guitar Vocal duo the Summer Januaries– Sean Michael Robinson and Rachel Erin Robinson

Silent City


Perugia-- ink drawing by Sean Michael Robinson

Sean Michael Robinson of the Summer Januaries

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A (Miniature) Picturesque Perugian Panorama

Perugia map

On sunny days, Sean and I like to follow up our morning cappuccini at Cafe Duoma with a walk to the park at the end of Corso Pietro Vanucci for a picnic breakfast. We sit on one of the park’s many benches, eat yogurt, biscuits, and oranges, and read or write, soaking in the sun. A curved terrace encircles the park, offering a 180 degree view of the landscape below. Tourists come here to pose for photos in front of the picturesque Perugian panorama, families stroll with their children in their prams, and lovers embrace on benches.

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Perugia–On Top of the Hill

The Summer Januaries in Perugia Italy

We’ve made it a habit now to travel on Mondays, since, barring special circumstances, they aren’t usually good busking days. Less people are out and about, and those that do show are tired from the weekend, and don’t have the kind of time or energy that they do in the week’s sweet spot—Thursday through Sunday.

So it was this past Monday that we left Bologna and headed for our next destination, Perugia, the capitol of Umbria.

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